What is Life?

ImageWhat is Life? The classic age-old question. Doesn’t everyone want to know for certain the real meaning of what this word represents? Perhaps you are imagining all kinds of allegories and parallelisms to describe it, as most people have some ideas as to what they think life is, there are obviously many different opinions. I know clearly for myself that I want the truth, no matter how hard it is to face. I just want the bottom line. What am I doing here, and why am I here.

There must be a logical explanation, someone has to understand for real. This seems to be a huge problem on our planet. Why is it that we do not agree on what life is? Isn’t that curious… very odd indeed, perhaps that is a clue to the whole mystery. We, as the human race thus far throughout our existence has not collectively come to a decisive conclusion as to who we are.

Some distant god cannot possibly be the answer to life, because if he actually cared for real – he would be here with us assisting us in the physical, not as a book or knowledge or a picture image in our minds. I will not go into all the reasons as to why believing in god is insane, suffice to say that if you have a beLIEf or faith in a personality outside of yourself that is SEPARATE from yourself here, you are in fear and merely trying to escape your situation in your physical reality.

So in looking at this problem practically, we can start with what we do know. We know we are all going to die, we just have to face the fact until a time where we are able to sort that out for ourselves as well. We also know that there is something terribly wrong with the way the world exists. There is no way all the suffering going on in the world is acceptable, there simply must be a reason for it and ultimately a solution. Additionally, we know within ourselves that we are an interconnected part of this world through our dailly participation in the many systems that exist in our world. There are an infinite number of systems it seems, from banking to law to medical to registrations… you name it. It is as if the world has become one big system.

If we look down at the cities we have created from a high perspective, its interesting that they resemble giant computer motherboards. All the structured paths and box like destinations we have created for ourselves. Within this structure, notice how we are ‘subjects’ to the systems – as money for example, if you dont have money in the world, you are seen as less valueable within the system. Not only are you less valueable to other beings, but you are also less valueable than the money itself. This hierarchy is quite insane. How can life be purchased with an idea? Hence the inevitable question – Is this all life is… an idea subject to a value/belief based system?

The answer to this question is easily seen with a little trust in oneself to see that life cannot be limited to just an idea/belief. In fact, life – as what it should be – is not limited in any way whatsoever. Is not all imposed limitation actually suppression of life? So let’s consider the point. If we exist as systems of limitation, can we call ourselves equal to life? The obvious answer would be no, in fact we are not life, because we allow ourselves to exist within systems of limitation. The next question then would be – Can we change ourselves to become life as unconditional, unlimited self-expression? Fortunately the answer to that is a resounding yes!

So now all we have to do is figure out how to change to become life. Here we have the key – forgiveness is the key to the universe! So, how can we use forgiveness to help us become life? Simple – self-forgiveness. Self-forgiveness of all of our beliefs and ideas of what we thought was ‘right’, all of our judgements and suppressions of life and any form of abuse to life as a whole. This implies one desires to take responsibility and change oneself so that one does not, and will not accept and allow abuse and limitation/suppression of life to exist. Its quite amazing actually to realize this, that we can change our evil, spiteful ways and become equal to life. We also need to realize that the only way one can do this is if one sees oneself as equal to ones world and reality. Therefore if we see ourselves as equal to our physical reality, we become equal to others applying the same principle. Hence we are able to support life by living as equals!

So how do we live as equals to support life. Again simple, there is one principle or law which all must live by and that is ‘what is best for all’. As opposed to the infinite amount of laws that currently exist in our world. We change ourselves to become the living example of life by living each moment in what is best for all life. One may ask, what is best for all anyway? Interestingly, best for all is always common sense between equals. Whatever the problem is, it can always be sorted out to the very best of our abilities within the principle of what is best for all in common sense. Its quite clear that we have forsaken common sense in our world, which is why we have so many extensive problems and abuse. We have all allowed it, each and every one of us collectively within agreements based in spitefulness of what it is to honor life.

So now that we understand what life is and what is required of us to honor life as equals, what are we going to do? Well to start, we have to change the systems, firstly and foremost, the money system. We have to create a money system whereby money equals the value of life. So the common sense is that we create an Equal Money System. This being the most profound point of abuse of life currently, once we change this, we will be well on our way to creating heaven on earth… for real. So lets do this for real, lets change ourselves into a living expression worthy of life. How can we say no to heaven on earth as what is best for all, is obviously best for each one. Heaven or hell, whats it going to be? Its up to you, as for me, I am supporting the Equal Money System, as things absolutely must change, and I must change as well. This is what we are doing in the Desteni-I-Process course. Check it out online at Desteni.org. Thanks for reading.