Capitalism = Murder

Capitalism equals Murder

Would people still support and participate in Capitalism if we called it what it really is?

The word Capitalism is really quite a clever, yet thin, disguise for what the word truly represents.  Cold blooded killing, slavery, and abuse of life.  A subtly misleading term used to justify profit and competition, a.k.a – greed and self-interest – at all cost.  In that sense, Capitalism is a pure reflection of ourselves in how we allow ourselves to exist, hiding behind false appearances.

If we are then all murderer’s for participating in this heinous system, why are we then picking straws on who goes to jail, who dies, and who gets all the comforts in life?

Our entire monetary, judicial, industry, political, military and healthcare systems, every system in fact, are all based on this one system – Capitalism.  Each and every system has become dependent as suckling offspring to the mother of all systems, Capitalism, for their survival. And so, all the offspring are tainted with the same formula as the parent, greed and self-interest.   All systems have become murderers, enslavers and abusers of life.  Rather than supporting life, we are driving ourselves to extinction with our ravenous lust for power and control, constantly feeding the desire to win, at all cost.

Just imagine, the whole time we hide behind one simple word – Capitalism.

Reminds me of the time when I was little playing hide-and-go-seek with my 2 brothers.  I was searching and found my older brother, and so he came out from his spot and helped me search for my younger brother.  We found my younger brother’s hiding spot and we could see him clearly. “Come out, we found you!” we said, yet he continued to pretend he was hiding.  It was fun when we were children, and it was just a silly game, but now there are serious consequences to face for us all.  Yet still people are afraid to come out, to fess up, to give up the game.  So consumed with winning perhaps.  The game is over, you have been found out.

What’s the solution?  Well, it’s simply the opposite of Capitalism.  The opposite of greed and self-interest.  The opposite of murder, slavery and abuse of life.   And that quite simply is a solution that supports life.  That which is best for all.  And that, would imply individual responsibility as opposed to slavery.  That would then imply real freedom, and the removal of free choice, because free choice is not what is best for all.

Obviously we cant just get rid of the current system instantaneously, we need a transition system as soon as possible.  We will start by implementing a Basic Income Grant, in order to provide people with the necessities so that we can reduce extreme poverty and starvation.  Once that is established we will continue to work on implementing the ideal solution to this giant mess, that which would facilitate heaven on earth – The Equal Money System.  If you have not yet heard of it, I strongly suggest you investigate for yourself this fascinating movement to principle based living and a dignified life for all, at last.

So join us at Desteni with the Desteni-I-Process in supporting a system that supports life.  There are courses each person must take to educate themselves to understand how to support all life equally.  It is going to be an interesting adventure to say the least.  The end of Capitalism is here once and for all.


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