2012 No More Shacks in an Equal Money System


Shacks Equal Money System

It is estimated that over 1 billion people are currently living in slums and the number expects to grow to over 2 billion by the year 2030.  Quite a huge problem if one add in all the other problems associated with food, water and electricity.  Slums have been a major problem in Mumbai, Mexico City and Sao Paolo. 55% of the population of Mumbai live in slums, which cover only 6% of the city’s land. Slum growth rate in Mumbai is greater than the general urban growth rate.

Some governments claim that efforts to eradicate slums have failed.  Its interesting that the political solution to these dwellings is to simply ‘sweep it under the rug, if we can’.  Yet we can clearly see why such efforts are so empty.  Who would pay for the removal of the shack towns? Where would the people be re-located to? What provisions would be made for the re-located people to survive?

The oppression of people by governments and/or corporations (same thing aren’t they?) such as those in Mumbai, Mexico City and Sao Paolo, not to mention many other countries around the world, is inexcusable.  Having a degree in Building Construction, and having worked in the construction industry for many years myself, it is clearly apparent that the only factors preventing the production of adequate housing funnel down to corruption, greed, and outright abuse of life.  If we look at the problem honestly, it would not take very much money at all to grant all of these people basic, functional and practical housing.   Having witnessed how houses are built in Canada, I can say that for every 2 houses built, there is enough material to make 1 small house with what was thrown in the garbage bins.  That’s an extreme amount of unnecessary waste…it is really no wonder our landfills are full.  

There is one primary underlying factor – Money – and money inevitably, comes down to one point itself – responsibility.  Who is taking responsibility to support life here? No one?  The entire competition based system, and all of us who participate within it are guilty of this atrocity.  But the really astonishing part of it, is that problems such as this are so incredibly easy to solve, yet they exist, because of the pure spiteful nature we allow within ourselves and everyone.  All justified with lame and unacceptable excuses.

Shacks Equal Money System2

When we think of ‘slums’, we think of dirty, run down, poverty-stricken and crime infested neighbourhoods.  We don’t even want to go there.  We prefer our comfortable, spacious dwellings where we can sit back and ‘not have any negative thoughts’ or anything remotely associated with poverty come into our minds… ‘That is all “negative” vibes’…don’t want that thanks. We have to stay “positive” right – which means we can’t afford to hear these kinds of awful stories or see what’s really going on in our world, because it may force us to face our self-deception and realize our forsaken responsibility.

Many prefer to ignore things thinking that ‘as long as I am protected by my money, I don’t care what goes on in some other country.’  It is as if peoples minds/awareness can only go so far as the imaginary border of the country, at which point the mind/awareness just stops dead, and turns back for home as if to say “ah, I did what I could”.  Quite amazing actually, but that is the extent to which we have allowed fear and limitation to control us. 


Shacks would be unnecessary in an Equal Money System.  There are plenty of resources to provide the basic living necessities for everyone, and rather simply, efficiently and effectively at that.  I would also mention that, within an EMS, those that wish to dwell in large mansions, well, it’s obvious common sense, you are going to have to share.  Understand, it is all about equality – sharing this planet. 

So, to defend blatant and obvious abusive practices such as FSI (Floor Space Index) or lack of access to proper transportation as reasons why slums exist are outright aversion and dis-association from the actual root of the problem, as being the capitalistic money system.  Those who do not associate with the real root of the issue are the ones who actually have D.I.D. – dissociative identity disorder, aka multiple personality disorder.

Yes, because the system is built on fear of survival, there inevitably exists abuse within the system where people, given the opportunity to abuse, are going to grab it.  With the implementation of an Equal Money System, there is going to have to be a mass re-education of the many of people who are controlled by fear and think that they can get away with abuse of life.  That is obviously not what is best for all.  In that way, the fear of survival and sub-sequential harmful thought programs are able to be disengaged, and a person will learn how to support oneself within ones living environment and learn what it means to actually live as an equal and support all life equally.

There will be tremendous opportunity for self-expression and real freedom.  Clearly equality entails responsibility, therefore there will be community and group related responsibilities as everyone will be accounted for in that respect, as all will assist in making life the actual living expression of that which is best for all.  I would not recommend opposing such a profound statement of life.  Strangely though, some think they are, or can be ‘larger’ or ‘better’ than life itself.  Such people who choose so and fight to maintain such a belief, will become rather outstanding,… radiant and shining examples of profound stupidity, to the extent that they may even die of strange and ‘newly invented’ circumstances of their own making, such as radical-self-glorification-disease or over-self-stimulation-syndrome.  Should make for some rather interesting spectacles.     

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5 Steps to Stopping Jealousy

 Jealousy is a jail for us. Why are we feeling this 
way? Why does this feeling seem to overwhelm 
and control us?  1. Seeing - In order to stop 
jealousy, we must first see the cause as to 
'why' we are becoming jealous. To understand 
the 'why' we must ask ourselves the question... 

Do I enjoy being controlled by jealousy?

If the answer to this is yes, then you have not 
truly seen the destructive nature of jealousy and 
it may therefore be necessary for you to continue 
your experiences until you realize the 
consequences of allowing jealousy to exist within 

If you are still reading, we can assume you are 
ready to stop jealousy within yourself, and we can move to the next part. 

2. Find the Cause - The cause, or starting point of jealousy is quite simply is a 
manifested emotion caused by desire for something outside of yourself. Looking 
more deeply into the experience, one will find that it is actually based in some 
form of fear - be it fear of being seen as less than others, or perhaps fear of being 
left alone, or even fear of survival. In any case, the starting point of jealousy is 
actually fear of some sort. You can see within yourself what is the root cause of 
your jealousy by asking yourself the question - what am I fearing to lose when I 
experience jealousy? There may be only one or perhaps a number of fears within 
yourself. Write them out for yourself. 

3. Address the fear - Lets say for example, you are fearing to lose your partner/
relationship. So lets look at that fear to test and see if its a valid belief. First we 
look at it from the perpective that this fear of losing ones partner is not real. Why 
would it not be real? Because all fear of loss exists as limitation placed on oneself 
within the belief 
that 'we are limited'. Limitation in not really who we are, it is simply a belief - 
because in actuality, life is not limited - it only appears so because of our accepted 

From the other perspective, if we believe the fear is real, then we must believe 
that we are limited to (and therefore subject to) fear, and thus we cannot change, 
and so we are stuck in jealousy having no choice in the matter. In that case, jealousy 
is not able to be stopped. This is a false belief. Jealousy is able to be stopped, and we 
are not limited. 
One is only limited if one believes oneself to be so. There is no proof of limitation 
anywhere to be found, other than within the systems of beliefs we have created for 

To give a hypothetical explanation - lets take another example - you let go of that 
partner you are jealous of and the next day you find someone that opens a whole 
new world of opportunity and happiness for you. You can see how limiting yourself 
by allowing jealousy limits your full potential in that, if you had allowed your jealousy 
to control the experience and gone into the consequence of that limitation, you 
would not have allowed yourself the opportunity to experience meeting the new 
person. Its interesting that in our minds we are always gambling and usually taking the 
safest bet. This is an indicator we are being controlled by fear. 

4. Self-Forgiveness - So we realize fear and limitation are simply false perceptions we 
hold on to within our minds. And if that's all they are, then we can simply let go of 
these false beliefs. We do that through self-forgiveness within the realization that we 
no  longer believe in limitation or allow ourselves to be controlled by fear. 

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to limit myself in the belief that I am 

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to limit myself in the belief that I am 
not able to let go of and stop fear within myself. 

Now that we have addressed the root cause of the jealousy and see how it is based in 
fear and limits us, we can easily stop being jealous because we understand how it works. 
In doing so, we free ourselves from the limitation and fear belief systems.

5. Change Yourself - So when the feeling or emotion of jealousy comes up within us, we 
simply stop and breathe, realizing that we no longer accept and allow these false beliefs 
to control us. I am not limited or controlled by fear, therefore I will not allow such feelings 
and emotions to control me. You see, its quite simple, you have stopped jealousy within 
yourself and you are now free from that limited belief system. 

Realize, in order to fully stop jealousy, fears, and limitation within oneself it may take 
some time and likely more in depth self-forgiveness on your part. Don't expect it to be 
over instantaneously. I have outlined the principles to give you a really good head-start 
in understanding how it works. The effectiveness of removing jealousy within yourself 
will depend on how extensive it is within yourself, as well as how willing and committed 
you are to changing yourself. These same principles can be applied for many other feelings 
and emotional reactions as well. I am happy to assist with this, but, as most people, you will 
likely require more specific support. This is offered through the  Desteni-I-Process course 
for which I am currently a recruiter, and I highly recommend it, if one is serious about 
supporting oneself to improve ones life as a whole.